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Welcome to the days after the nuclear collapse.
The great intergalactic war from 2039 was lost and all humans were enslaved by alien overlords. You work as a digger in a mine colony deep under the surface for five long years, till this one day when you face your chance to break out. Nuclear Collapse offers you real roleplay feeling like you know it from PC roleplaying games. Play as a boxer, sniper, doctor, technican or any character mixture you like. You will meet more than 50 different characters during your journey, solve more than 20 quests, collect hundreds of different armors and weapons before you can finally defeat the aliens.
Move freely in a huge world and do whatever a real hero would do. Nuclear Collapse will keep you entertained for more than 20 hours of net-playtime! Can YOU survive in this post nuclear wasteland?
More than 100 weapons, 50 NPCs, 20 Quests and more than 20 hours net-playtime.
Discover and move freely in a real big world with a size of over 75,000 square fields. Create your very own hero with lots of skills and preofessions and play the game your way. Availible for your Nokia, Sony Ericson, Samsung and Motorola mobile phone.